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Policyholder Resources

Prescient National focuses on one thing: Workers’ Compensation insurance. It is important you have all the resources necessary for a successful Workers’ Compensation program.  As our policyholder, you have your own service team which  acts as an extension to your company. Your service team is held to the highest standard of quality service and is committed to building a long-lasting relationship with your organization.

Report A Claim

For detailed instructions on reporting a claim online, click here.

Telephonic Reporting is also available. Dial 1-877-327-5444 to report your claim by phone.

Note: In the event of a severe workplace injury where emergency treatment was necessary and a post-accident drug test was NOT completed, immediately call 1-866-987-0042 within 24 hours of the accident. Prescient National will attempt to coordinate a drug test using the preserved specimens from the hospital.

Employee Injury Package

Pay Invoice

Payment Options

Medical Network and Panels

Physician Network

Through a medical network consisting of credentialed and qualified physicians throughout the United States, we are able to provide injured workers with effective medical care at a significant cost savings. Positive outcomes, coupled with reduced cost and accessibility makes the network an effective solution.

Click on the button below to search for providers in our medical network near you: View Network 

***For detailed instructions on how to navigate our medical network provider search, click here.

Pharmacy Network

15% of workers’ compensation medical dollars are allocated to prescription costs. Therefore, reductions in this area have a significant impact on overall medical claims cost. Through our pharmacy network, the cost of prescriptions is not only reduced but the network helps to control dispensing of prescriptions. The network communicates to the adjuster if misuse is suspected, if there is a generic form of the medication available and if the medication being requested is questionable for the treatment of the compensable injury.

Give this form to your injured workers for their initial prescriptions: Pharmacy First Fill Form
Pharmacy First Fill Form (Spanish)

Physician Panel

Certain states require employers to provide injured workers with a Physician Panel.  If you need help with your company’s panel, please complete the following form.

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    Is this Panel needed in connection with a recent injury?
    You will need a Panel for each location in Georgia, Virginia, or Tennessee. Please list the city and state for each location requiring a Panel (include one city/state per line):
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    Safety Resources

    Early return-to-work, post-accident drug testing, responsible hiring practices and accident investigations are four programs essential to a successful Workers’ Compensation program.  Each program has crucial requirements for success. Therefore, it is important to involve your Prescient National Risk Manager in the creation and implementation of these programs. If you would like to get started using our templated building blocks for any or all of these programs, click here and we will send you the essentials.

    Maintaining a safe work environment is a result of constant review of policies and procedures and educating your staff. Prescient National can ease your burden with its library of PowerPoint presentations, safety documents and videos to help control specific risks in every industry.  Your Risk Manager is happy to guide you through our resources and provide you with what best suits your needs.  Click here to request resources.

    Helpful Links for Risk Management

    Temporary Staffing

    When a new client relationship is being considered for Temporary Staffing accounts, the policyholder or agent should complete and submit the Classification and Rate Request Form.

    Response time for class code, rate, or approval requests will be within one business day.

    Talk to an Expert

    An expert representative will contact you immediately.

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